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July 16, 2006


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Hey, I have several friends like that and one by one I have sent a gentle email in return informing them that though I love getting personal emails from them I don't wish to receive any 'forwarded' emails anymore. Most of the time the simple request is received well. :)

When I receive an urban legend I check it out on snopes and if it is a false story I send them a link letting them read about it first-hand.

The only one I can't get myself to ask to stop is my beloved auntie... oh, well.

Thanks for the great blog. I enjoy reading REAL life stuff!

OMGosh!! I just burst into hysterics!! Do we all have one?? I just finally created a psuedo-yahoo account and the last one I got... the tick thing... I sent the snopes article on this issue to everyone I could possibly glean from that terribly forwarded email!! Maybe I'll send these folks selective posts from your blog! It is too funny!!

Ha ha ha! I have that friend too. Thank god she has a new job with no email right now.

E-mail filters are a godsend. Anytime the subject has ">FWD:" (or worse, ">>FWD: FWD: RE: FWD: Too funny!" those suckers go RIGHT in the trash.

I have that friend. And a cousin like that. And a male friend like that. And even though I've sent them all a link to Snopes.com that shows why the stupid thing they emailed me is just an urban legend, they continue to fall for the crap and send it my way.

I was jealous of that friend...
until the ending, there.

Plus, the only thing worse than spam email is RELIGIOUS spam email.

Keep those peepers in their sockets, baby.

She's sweet until she sends that email that says "If you don't send this to 15 people in the next 10 seconds, you're going to burn in the firey pits of hell"

Yes, and it's bound to be a religious spam mail, even though she knows you're not religious. I have that friend, and I love her, but I sometimes want to kill her.

You kill me. I have that friend. Who sends those emails. EVERY. SINGLE. DAY.

Amen. And worse, it's Christian/Republican chainmail as well.

Too, too funny. I've got a couple friends just like that. Now I just delete the emails without even opening them. Cuz I don't want all that bad karma, ya know?

I have that friend except for the chain emails. The chain email addict is my mother. Luckily they are liberal, but that does not make them any more annoying.

I So know what you are saying! Most times you want to hug her but other times, you want to slap her in the back of the head!

Yes. YES. And the ones that get sent to me have been forwarded around about a bazillion times, and have all of those little >>>'s before each sentence.

Oh, that hits way too close to home. Yep... we've all got that friend. Mine sends religious e-mails, no less. Ah, well... she bakes a damn good cake.

Ha! Are we sharing the same friend? Because the idea of there being that many more of them is too much to wrap my mind around.

I recently added said person to my Spam list. Oops. That must have been an accident.

Oh..she sounds so great, the chain e-mail is ALMOST forgiveable....

lmfao- i don't know if i have a friend like that. lol

I'm thinking you should consider pulling out her eyeball rather than your own. You're really not the eypatch type. I'm just sayin...


I have that friend too!

Wow, we have the same friend!

Add to the spam chain letters and cutesy sayings, the 26 attached photos of her family that slow down my computer for days!!!

HA! I want to send this as a chain email to most of the people on my email list!

Sad thing is... most wouldn't get it. *head,desk*

I think those chain letter emails should have been on my hate list. And the send to 12 people in the next minute or your life will end. Shit, I'd be so dead by now if I bought into that crap.

I actually got a chain LETTER in the MAIL the other day. Seriously....who send those any more?! And why is my friend wasing her time sending these stupid things!?

WHat did I do with the letter? Wrote "Return to Sender" on the envelope and sent it back! HAHAHAHA

Oh yes. Ditto everything wordgirl said. Ditto, ditto, ditto.

At least before the internet it took a few weeks for her chain letter to arrive to you.

This is an amalgam of too many people in my life. My mother in law sends us all the "ten reasons butterflies make people happy" crap; my stepmother is still sending "bill gates will send you a thousand dollars if you forward this"; and Nate's aunt used to send us all this anti-democratic conspiratorial crap until we "replied all" and took on each point one by one and totally pissed of her list. Heh. End of problem.

For me, it's mostly well-meaning relatives who don't know or care that I'm not a Republican...or a religious zealot. I get stuff that reminds me to wear red on Friday to show that I support the President (gag) or states firmly how God loves this country more than others. I could go on BuT i'M gETting SICk fROm tYpInG tHaT LAst SentENce.

I have some nice Nigerians who would like to send her email.

Ohhhhh yyeeaaaah!

Yes, yes, yes, and YES! Failing that eye-poking deal, any ideas on how to kindly and gently say, "Stop sending me sentimental drivel, dammit."

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