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July 11, 2006


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Ooh, thanks for the tip. We have similar "wall photos." Tracey's so smart. (and of COURSE Q is gorgeous)

Beautiful girl (and photos)!

Those photos are amazing. Your daughter is beautiful!

Those are great shots. I need to go check out those links. All I have are pictures of Maya's huge cheesy grin and the back or side of Nata.

Gorgeous pictures! You are insprining me to take MORE pictures of my little one.

She is JUST BEAUTIFUL. And your friend? Very talented.

Those are gorgeous shots.

I have been encouraged by Tracey recently to believe I might be able to personally take a decent looking picture. Here's to hoping, since I don't have a digital camera and I have to wait until I have paid for the crap, I mean, "pictures" to discover whether or not I have taken any that I want to have see the light of day. Maybe we'll all learn how! (I hope so, actually)

Those photos are gorgeous! That photographer is AMAZING! I wrote a simple article a while back about how to take better photos of your child. Thanks for the additional tips!

One piece of advice I can give is get a digital camera..a GOOD ONE...if you don't already. And take LOTS of pictures. You may take 100 picutres and only like 1...but it is in the taking of the pictures that is important. You will see just by taking them what looks good...what kind of lighting looks best...and you will get better at it.


Those are so good! She is such a cutie.

I love the second photo. It is stunning. What a beautiful little budding artiste!

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