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July 24, 2006


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I am so happy for you. I am just reading this in Feb. So I am guessing by now that little bump in your belly is a big baby on the outside. So an extra super big Congratulations. I have know the fear of feeling that excitement and keeping secrets after a loss I also have know the excitement and fear after a few more losses and now am a mother of 7 soon to be 8 and now my secret keeping comes from everyones reactions to our having ANOTHER baby so I feel for you and I hope all is well with your family!

Congratulations. God bless your baby.

CONGRATS!!! Go ahead, do the happy dance.

Congratulations! I hope to someday join those ranks again. Looking forward to reading pregnancy stories.

I said it at MU---CONGRATULATIONS!!! It is so exciting for you. Get excited girl----you have a baby inside you!!! :)

Words don't do justice for the way I feel when someone like you finally hits paydirt in the "staying pregnant" department. Congratulations!

Big heartfelt congratulations, sent with all the optimism in my heart, too.

COngrats Kristen. I completely understand how you feel. It took me almost 30 weeks to get excited about being pregnant after losing Samantha. It's hard, but you will get through. Good luck.

I mean, how did you keep the secret not how did you, you know, get pregnant.

Just wanted to clarify.


That's great news. And 15 weeks? That's a long time without letting on... How'd ya do it?

Oh, congrats, Kristen! I am so happy for you!

I just want you to reveal this on every blog. And not just the ones you write for...all of them. It just makes me happy every time.

It must have been a hard secret to keep! I am so happy for you. I know I already told you that, but seriously.

I feel all giddy and excited WITH you!

exciting, joyful, giggly, I wish you the bestest next few months ever.



As someone who lost a baby (between #1 and #2), I so know how you feel...

I am sending endless good vibes your way!

WHOOOOOOOT! Keep kicking #2!

i am sooooo with you on this one, of course... and all the way. now i will be giddy and joyful for you while secretly hiding my own fear and worry. i can't help it. you're in my thoughts, and i'm thrilled for you.

HolyF***ingS***! Congrats! I'm astounded that you could keep the secret for so long!

Congradulations again.

My aunt had three miscarriages in-between her kids. They are 10 years apart. When she was pregnant with Lottie, she wasn't excited. I think she was convinced that the baby wouldn't make it. It was a logical fear. She didn't tell anyone until she was 6 months, even though we all knew before then. She got real excited after she hit the 8 month mark. I think that's when she decided it would all be allright.

Maybe it is just time. You'll get there. But either way PoopyPants #2 will not resent you for it later in life. By the way, is that the official name for the baby? ;)

Congratulations! That is wonderful.

Kristen, I am thrilled for you and wishing you smooth sailing. What happy news! Thanks for letting us in on the secret.


I get to see the belly this weekend. Hee hee hee!!!

I'm so stinkin' happy for you. :)

I have a tear in my eye as I yell out loud CONGRATULATIONS Kristen!!! This is wonderful news. I couldn't be happier for you :)

Wheee...great news...All my thoughts are with you and your little "poopy pants"....Here's to a wonderful 5 more months...yipppeeee....


I am literally SHRIEKING with excitement for you!!!!!

That is wonderful news. I am even more excited now to meet you and hug you and congratulate you in person. I'm so so SO happy for you.

As we say in the infertile blogging world (especially after a previous loss)...NBHHY. Nothing Bad Has Happened Yet.

So, I'm happy for you :) and NBHHY.

Oh how I understand the "I should be happy but..." feelings. I'm having them right now, actually. I hope so much that you get to feel #2 asap. I found that, with my first, that was the biggest consolation and my worries lessened so much after that.

I'll share the "YAY"s with you though, and the fact that the "YAY" smile doesn't quite reach the eyes, as the saying goes. I'll share my prayers, too, and hopes that your New Year has a great new start to it. :)

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