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July 10, 2006


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I love it. As much as I not-so-secretly dig the attention, I was also a bit relieved when the tables turned.

Enjoy it. Especially the extra sleep.

HAHAHAHAHA! My little one is Daddy's little girl too. Boy was she surprised when he finally came around to my way of thinking and put her on the Naughty Step a few weeks ago!! Now, she still knows that Daddy is the fun one and Mommy is the one who makes her take naps and the one most often making her pick up her toys. But thats okay....because when Daddy has to handle a tantrum from an over tired toddler, Mommy can sit back and quietly chuckle to herself!!! :)

Good for you. Enjoy it while it lasts. Because in a few days, he will gladly do whatever you want and think is right. And then you can say my favorite three words, I told you so.

Kristen I what exactly what you are experiencing. My girls are only 8-1/2 months but they are already daddy little girls. When I put them in bed and they are crying, if the hear him or see him walk pass the door they cry even louder knowing that he will come to get them. Funny thing though when he wants some "grown-up attention" from me it's okay to let them cry themselves to sleep. Go figure.

i say enjoy it, kristen. my husband does bedtime every night and baths every other night. it's their thing, and i love it! of course, keep on thinking you're right too--cause we all know you are.

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