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July 19, 2006


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Baby gates are great! My three year old son would get up to, get a drink of water, go to the potty, wanting to read a book, anything to stay out of bed in the middle of the night. A week after putting up the baby gate I got him to stay in his bed all night. Plus its nice when he gets up in the morning and plays in his room. It gives me time to wake up and make breakfast.

We used the toddler bed rail on our oldest daughter's bed. She slept-walked AND was a horrible sleeper!! The rail not only contained her in her bed from the bad sleeping she did, but also kept her from getting out of her bed at night. The only way she could get out was if she was actually alert & awake because she had to scoot to the foot of her bed to get out of it while the rail was raised.

My son is going through the whole sleepwalking experience right now. Our pediatrician said that it's quite common between ages 2-3. He will get up and start dressing himself over his pjs, or start asking for fruit snacks or Momma's bus (my minivan), and once, while on vacation, he made it up a set of steps before my husband and I realized what was going on!


My husband was a sleepwalker, but it appears our 2 year old daughter is taking after her mommy... My husband will wake me up to ask me a questions and I can carry on a conversation and have no knowledge of it thereafter. (I take after my mother in that respect)

I carry on conversations in my sleep with people that are in my dreams...but it's when I fight with them that is disturbing.

A few nights ago we woke up to our daughter yelling from her room. My husband went in to find her out cold. She was screaming "No! THIS cookie!! Don't Like That One!"

We're in for quite an adventure if it's already starting!!!

That is cute. Playing with the monies. I wonder if a gate would stop her? As long as she can't get into something dangerous, I bet she'll be fine.

Mine talk in their sleep. You will walk past their room and they will ask for another pancake or say something about the green crayon. At this point I just laugh and move on.

I used to sleepwalk a lot as a kid. I haven't done it in a long, long time, thank goodness.

I really hope Cordy doesn't sleepwalk also, because I managed to get myself into some scary places. Imagine being 6 years old, and sleepwalking out of your babysitter's house at 11pm, down the street, and then waking up in an alley and wondering how you got there.

VERY developmentally on target. The brain and it's synapses ( during growth spurts) just keep on firing, causing toddlers to walk around as they would during non-sleep time. Just move her back to bed....and yeah, a gate isn't a bad idea for while....

We had a gate in Julia's door until she turned three -- not because she sleepwalked, but because I didn't want her getting up at 4am and coming to share the joy with me. I'm all for baby gates in doorways.

Just call me Julie Sleepwalker - one more example of how screwed up my sleep habits were as a child.

Yeah, my only concern would be Q's safety. I second the baby gates.

I was a sleep walker too - but never into my friend's parents bed - you are too funny. My brother once unlocked the front door and went outside. So far my guy hasn't followed in our footsteps but talks ... loudly ... every single night.

We have a gate at Grace's doorway and it works great. If she wakes upbefore us on the weekends, she stays in her room and plays. Hey---anything I can do to get 10 more minutes of sleep, I am ALL for it!

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