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July 05, 2006


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I swear I would be in a mental ward by now if it wasn't for this website!
And If I have to look at my daughter wearing that goddamed SnowWhite dress and plastic princess pumps one more minute.........

Ok, I read this little tidbit in a book and I swear it has worked with my constantly talking, moving, breaking 3 year old boy.

When your child asks for your attention. Give him 5-10 solid minutes right away and then explain that you have to go back to what you were doing.

Versus. "Hang on a minute" said 20 times.

Then they feel secure and are willing to leave you be and play. So far this has been working for me.

Madeline, who's been two for all of seven days, already wants her own mobile phone :)

Two was easy. It wasn't easy when she was two, but now that she's three...two was easy.

The clothes - changing them, leaving them on the floor, digging dirty outfits out of the hamper because she prefers them over anything that's clean.

The shoes - dissing the $40 Stride Rites in favor of $5 Old Navy flip flops.

The hair - refusing to wear clips or barrettes or ponytails and then screeching like a banshee when I try to brush the resulting rat's nest.

The room - doesn't want her sister in there. Doesn't want us in there.

The manipulation - whispers to her daddy while casting furtive glances at me. Knows I will nix whatever it is she's asking him for.

The angst - everything is a crisis. EVERYTHING.

I don't think I can take much more.

Wait till she's three and tells you not to interrupt when she's talking.

Ha Nata is a week behind Quinn. Not that she isn't going on 13 as well. Someone told me yesterday at a BBQ that 13 and 2 are pretty much the same thing. Just with more words.

I am not looking forward to 13.

I made the horrible mistake of putting my daughter in a dress that she did not want to wear while she slept. She woke up from her nap to find herself wearing the offending garment and had a melt down. We were at a restaurant with the in-laws and she decided that she that she'd rather be naked. I am amazed at her strong will. The tween years are going to be hell.

Oh I know how you feel!!! My 2 year old is also 2 going on 13 and my hair is almost gone!!

Just this morning, I grabbed her dress and her shoes. As I went to put on her shoes, she grabbed them and said "Non Mommy NO!" and walked over to her closest, stood there with her arms crossed, and stared at the row of shoes in her size. It took her 5 minutes to pick ou ther shoes. Didnt matter at all her to that she was now wearing bright pink and ornage Dora sandles with her red, white, and blue banadana patterned dress.

Apparently, Mommy cant even handle picking out shoes--I am THAT uncool these days!

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