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June 23, 2006


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wat ya gonna do wen the hulkster finds out where you stay and runs wild on yooooooooouuuuuuuuuuuuuu????????????????!!!!!!!!!!! wat ya gonna doooooooooooo?????????

Awww, did wittle Hulky-wulky poop in his diaper? Did Hulky poop? Didumms poop?

She is adorable!

And, Hulk? Circa 1987? Has someone been visiting ebay lately.

Yeah, and he has his own insane reality show on tv...not sure which network, though. I wonder what he would think of your daughter's interpretation of his um....incontinence.

Oh Kristen, she looks so saucy!

You never know where the "attachment" is going to come from, eh?

Next Q will wheel Hulkster in for his PSA on steroid use...

I think any and everything that can be diapered here has been diapered by my toddler.

Including her older sister's iPod cover (which she also sleeps with sometimes and which routinely "interacts" with her dolls as if it were, oh, I don't know, NOT an iPod COVER!).

You've gotta watch his unwatchable (un)reality show on vh1. I just saw it last week and it was like the Osbournes with nothing interesting happening. Unlike this photo which is clearly making everyone in the blogosphere plotz from the cuteness.

hehe that is just so perfect. Your daughter is looking gorgeous!!

C'mon, don't hide it. You love the Hulk-a-nator. There's something about a juiced up man of advancing years that makes a girl's heart all fluttery.

Adult male incontinence is no laughing matter.

Tgat pic of your daughter is just too cute!

Hahahaha! My brothers used to play with that all the time. I think we still have it ... and Andre the Giant too!

How CUTE is that! Wow. She looks JUST like you! She beautiful.

Brilliant. Nothing touches the heart so well as the sight of a toddler keeping a plastic wrestler in yellow tighties as her bitch.

And I will so be looking for Mr. Hogan for you. Maybe Hammer knows him...

I've actually watched Hulk's show! How can one person make so much money on wrestling for fun?

Must control my bladder....

Okay, not really connected, but still... Know about this? :)


And you have that action figure, 20 years later, why? :)

Okay. So the Hulk was a "gag" gift from my BFF. The story is that when we were at her house, she had NO toys for Q and so she gave her Hulky (her husband's toy as a kid that was laying around) - however, we left him there when we left.

SO... sort of an ongoing joke between us, she sent him to me in a package. I laughed SO hard when I saw it. But then Q went nuts. I have pictures of him in her stroller, in her push toy, and now diapered.

I'll try to find his email... Anyone know it off hand?


I love it.

Quinn is so freaking cute. She looks just like you, Kristen.

That's hilarious, and really helped my bad day be not so sucky! Wherever did you find him?

That is too funny. I'm with Mama Tulip, you should totally e-mail the Hulkster with a link to this post.

It's funny to see the Hulkster taken down a notch. How embarrassing for him to be seen in public with a diaper!

I laugh now, but I'll probably be very soon diapering Mickey Mouse or that Shirt Tale Bear circa 1975 that my husband passed down to our son.

I look at that picture, then at yours, and you two look like you have the exact same eyes.

Ha! I'm for emailing him the photo, too. OR taking a whole bunch of them and turning it into a blog. Kind of like yoga beans http://www.yogabeans.com/
(Because I know you just don't have enough to do... :)

*falls off chair laughing*

Oh ya. I think Mama Tulip is on to something ... you should email the aging hulkster that photo.

And man. Q keeps getting cuter and cuter!

That's adorable! Poor HULK!

That is too cute! Why is it that little girls must diaper everything? Claire does the same, and now with a few newborn sizes in the house, it is mass chaos!

She is just too freakin' cute!! Even with a nasty ol' Hulk doll. LOL

You should email that picture to Hulk. He's got his own reality show now.

Ha! First laugh of the day - thank you!

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