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June 30, 2006


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i'm late reading this, but i just discovered the most wonderful thing--Vruit Juice (as its name suggests, it's veggies and fruits in juice form). there's even spinach and cucumber in it and my kids LOVE it. my 18 month old asks for it and the other day when we didn't have any said, "i want mama get vruit." i swear. to. god.

I can not understand how a child (mine included) could not like avocado. It is soft, tasty and expensive. But Ada turns up her nose. (Which means, more for me!)

I could probably encase liver in Jell-O and get my kids to eat it, but if you think that makes me a goddess, I'll take it!

I love Becki's blog - wonderful recipes. I commented to her already about how we start with veggies and play Let's Make a Deal.

I had to giggle about the green beans. My friend Stacey gets her kids to eat green beans by dumping them out of a can and calling them "[Daycare Name] Green Beans". Both her kids and mine eat fabulously well at school, but are quite picky at home.

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