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May 29, 2006


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Hear hear. Thank you.

Sorry to be getting here so late. I hope I am not the last one, because I think this post deserves many, many comments in support of our troops. People have an amazing capacity to forget things, which can be just dandy for the forgetter but not so much for the forgotten. Please give this mother blogger's thanks to your husband and everyone on your base.

Yes. The people are what Memorial Day is all about -- not the politics. Well said.

very well said, k. absolutely.

A friend of mine from high school died in the war in April 2003. I spent yesterday thinking about him and his sacrifice. I am so honored to have known him and thank him every day for what he did for his country. Without people who are willing to make these kinds of sacrifices, we would not be free.

Thanks for reminding me that this was not just a day off from work. We do owe our troops a great deal of respect. One day a year is the least we can do.

This is thoughtful and true.

Absolutely. Thanks for the reminder.

This is awesome Kristen. Thanks for reminding us the day is about more than getting out the linen.

Wonderfully put. I am always at kind of a loss knowing what is appropriate to say exactly, having neither family members nor friends currently serving in the military. Thank you so much for your words and your perspective.

Well said Kristen. Well said. The best memorial day post I think that could be written.

Well said.

Thank you for this post. You mimicked my feelings exactly and put them so elequently.

You are so right! You know...it pains me that our military families are not adequately taken care of. When the Veterans Hospitals have to call you and ask for donations of toothbrushes and underwear, something's wrong someplace. I'm against the war but I loves me some veterans. I had two uncles and a grandfather in WWII. A cousin and an uncle in VietNam. I've seen it up close.

Good reminder. Sometimes folks get so caught up in the WHAT that they forget the WHO.

Beautiful post. Thanks for the reminder about the PEOPLE who are sacraficing everything, for us.

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