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May 05, 2006


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your writings are so great, im impressed :)

wonderule writings :) kudos

very cool and i like the new look.

Wow, awesome. Congrats on getting a paid writing job. You are so talented at this that I knew it was only a matter of time.

Congrats on the gig. I am only suprirsed this is your first. Your writing is wonderful!

chocolate poo. that sounds like utterly delightful fun. you lucky girl! and congratulations on the sweeet gig. your writing is superb.

I loved your article. When are they going to take my measurements for my sexy black suit? I could seriously use some clothes that don't have some sort of stained imposed by my kids.

Congrats on the big pay day, i can't wait to make the big bucks like that. I also love CMP it seems to be a big hit!

screw CHALK. it could have been COCK. now THAT would have been priceless.

in fact...i could imagine with a mouth full of the CHOCK had it gotten all gooped up in the back of her little throat...it very well may have sounded a lot like COCK.

clearly, only someone withOUT children could be audacious enough to speak these vile things about innocent little babies.

i mean no disrespect. of course.

but it is funny.

okay. kristen. dahhhhling. GREAT ARTICLE. CONGRATS. and you rock the cashbar.

Girl, you are a writing fool. I love it. Shit, I wish I could get paid to write.

Chock, too funny.

Well first of all, congrats on the paid gig. Money is always good!

Second, I LOOOOVE CMP's new look!

Can I plug myself?

I did the CMP logo!!!!

If you're looking for custom logos or design work, contact me! I likey the money, too :)

Okay, now to this chocolate thing...there should NEVER be any "chock" Easter bunnies left this long after Easter. What kind of woman are you????

And the t-shirt? Superdee duperdee cute

Congrats! You deserve it. Go and have yourself some chock to celebrate :o)

Damn. Now I have to be jealous of you too? Just kidding. That's really cool. Congrats on the freelance job. I read the article and it's great!

Congrats on the paycheque!

Hey! Good for you! And for us, because it's funny. ;)


You are the shiznit. (did I spell that right?)

Yay for freelance writing. You're fabulous, and Cool Mom Picks looks great!

Congratulations on being a paid freelance writer! That rocks! I checked it out and it's fantastic!

Love the look at Cool Mom Picks as well.

As for the chocolate bunny - at least she only had it on her, and not all over the couch...

I didn't mean for that to sound as harsh as it did and I didn't even post it under the right post. I apologize. It just gets frustrating fighting this stereotype. Now I promise to stay off your blog.

You know, you're funny and you write thoughtful pieces, but dismissing an entire region because of the backwards ass region you live in is ignorant. You're a Yankee, you don't get to dis the south.

Look at you go!! Congrats on your check. Wear your prize with pride, miss freelancer. :)

PAID TO WRITE! Is there anything better? You make sure you save a photocopy of that check. Oh, but don't try to cash it.

Congrats K, so so so well-deserved.

Could be worse. She could have eaten chalk.

Congrats on the pay! Does that make you a "working mom" now?
Great shirt, too!

Congrats on getting paid for your writing!

I like the new CMP look also.

...and my 22 month old son says "chock" too for chocolate. It's sooo cute!

That. Shirt. Is. Awesome.

Head is spinning from the awesomeness. Spinning.

And am so excited for your first official freelance outing. Will go there first, then to Cool Mom Picks, and then will have to lay down and rest from all of the excitement.

Congrats on being a paid freelance writer! I've got a few things I'm working on to submit to Imperfect Parent as well.

Love, love, LOVE the redesign at CMP! It looks so hip, and the design is so clean and open.

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