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May 27, 2006


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Your voice records well. Not Fair! And more importantly... that is the cutest little voice I have ever heard!!! She is smart! What a little sweetheart doing interviews!

You have such a sweet voice!

Hilarious Sound byte! "Is it working?" "no." lol

I see your daughter and mine share a hairddo. I can't figure out anything else to do with it!

L-O-V-I-N-G your sexy Mom voice.

There's a gotta be some sick fetish out there of men (or women) who dig on new mommies and would pay BIG bucks to hear you talk dirty diapers to them for hours at a a time.

1-900-HOT-MOMMA, here you come!! ;)

i loved it!!! that was adorable!

She is absolutely, unbelievably, beautiful!

Oh she is SO cute! My son loved listening to her recording ... and then asked me for a candy.

Sexy momma and cute baby.

Ok...I'm ready for part 2. That was sooooooo cute.


I am blinded by adorable cuteness. I want her outfit for myself!

It's amazing what a little bribing will get you! Definitely well worth the sugar rush.

WAY too much cuteness! And, as noted already by everyone else: killer voice, babe. :D

nice to hear you!

Now you gotta come for tea.


OK, you're a great writer AND you have a natural voice for radio? Too much! ;)

However, your daughter steals the show with that "buh-bye" at the end. Too freakin' cute.

aw, adorable. i like the way the girl says candy. i can relate to that....

What. a. cutie!!

Oh and with that voice, I bet you could get a gig selling Sensual Mist on the radio.

I love your voice. Definitely sexy... rrowrrr.

And Q is so adorable-sounding. Mimi came running over to see what cute girl was talking. I expect I'll have to play it for her several times now.

Oh, the ruffled skirt! The ponytail sprout on her head! The CUTENESS! I want to nibble on your daughter's cheeks a little, please?! And I'm with everybody else, you have a sweet voice.

holy cuteness. oy to the vey! oh and p.s. what are you wearing?

You should do voice overs! I'm serious.

You sound like a vixen. She is adorable.

Awwww...how precious! I have recordings of my daughter when she was about that age and they're priceless.

I love it all. Killing me with the cuteness.

Hey girl, I tagged you last week. You avoiding me????

Too, too cute Kristen! She has such a tiny little voice! I think I'm about to fall off of my chair from all the cuteness radiating from my computer screen...

I don't know who has the sweeter voice...you or your adorable little girl!

How adorable is that? You're killing me with cuteness ;)

I'm telling you, candy today, ponies tomorrow. That girl will have a bmw by the time she's 12. Smart, smart girl.

I believe that I must relinquish my plans for a career in phone sex if the whole Early childhood thing doesn't work out. You have me beat.

And yes. DAMN cute. Plus bribery.
You are definately my type o'woman.

I see she has the ridiculous camera smile too. Now we ahve to wait until Pumpkinpie STOPS smiling to get a decent picture. They are so crazy, these kids are.

Awww she did sooo good! And her talking is awesome!

Yes! Bribe the cute child with candy! Give her sweets so we can all share in her cuteness!

As for you... Damn woman. I don't swing that way but you've got a sexy voice.

That was cute. Buh-bye.

OK, I'm hooked. When do the cute toddler podcasts start? I'm so in.

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