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May 31, 2006


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This post was hilarious! Anyway, I have used those carts before. They are great for the kids sometimes. However, now that my oldest son is 5, he is very helpful and very easy to take into a store.
on the other hand, our soon to be 2 year old son is pure torture. He doesn't like to sit in the cart mostof the time. Yesterday I gave him a bag of mini marshmallows while shopping.

Everyone will probably hate me for this but I take both of my kids shopping all the time and they are always super good. The baby is good because he is strapped into his sling and can't get into trouble and my toddler loves being out and about in general. He dosen't care if we are going to the park or the store it is all the same to him. I can hand him products and it is his great pleasure to toss them into the cart.

Oh the lovely "racecar carts". We had an experience with one today as well!

I am partial to the kiddie-friendly stores that allow you to check your child into a playplace while you shop with a really pretty matching wristband! Of course, this only works if your child will actually go in there! I had to "break" our daughter in by having one of her older brothers go with her the first time. Sometimes it works sometimes it doesn't!

Thanks for the popsicle idea, I never would've thought of that!

Yes. God. The Bus. Thank God for the bus!!!

Isn't it amazing what 2 steerings can make us do? Practically orgasmic!

And Krista - that's me. Today we had juice boxes, beef jerky (don't ask, that's a whole other story), and animal crackers.

Silly Putty? That's just plain genius and I'm all about online shopping. I'm going to have to check that out.

I'm still in the no-kids-yet camp (or "the pre-production stages of motherhood," as my aspiring-filmmaker self likes to say), and I have to stop and marvel when I see a mother effectively managing the shopping-with-kids experience. Who knew that being allowed to hold a brand-new spatula would have a calming effect on a small child? I don't know how you do it...

1. baggie of crackers from home
2. muffin from the store (unholy mess )
3. give my kid some kind of card (expired gift card) so she thinks she is paying
4. love the bus; we have rocket ship ones in one of the stores here
I thought shopping with a baby was hard (car seat took up too much room). Then the squirmy toddler was hard. Now I have two under two and it's insane. If it's a big shop, baby goes in the bjorn and she and big sis can entertain each other.
I swear, once my child discovers the "shopper in training" kid sized carts, we will never enter a grocery store together ever again. I don't want to be sued by the people she maims.

For the life of me I can't remember where, but just yesterday I read an article about a store chain that was testing out these giant carts that had room for two kids up front, and a tiny screen playing a video inside the "cab". It looked like it weighed a ton, but I guess if it keeps them quiet...

And I'm with Krista-I have bought new baby bottles and plastic jugs of ready-to-feed formula and made Kaitlyn a bottle right in the store. Without boiling the bottle or the nipple first. I know, ewww.

I feed mine things I haven't bought yet.

Thank the FSM for the buses! We just got a new store built very close to home and NEW (read clean) buses shaped like fire trucks & police cars with 2 steering wheels!!!! Hooray for two steering wheels! I always thought shopping with a 2 yo was hell until I had two kids. Oh yeah baby. hell. I do the food thing but I wait until they are both intolerable and then I do the popsicle or cookies because half the store is done under promise of said treat. Buys me more time.

Shopping with just my 5 yo is actually really fun- he is a great helper and likes to pick out produce, etc. Big guy! At Whole Foods and Wild Oats they have the small carts for kids so he loves that. CANNOT take 2 yo there yet. Bad driver!

Promises for treats or leaving him home. That's what works for me. For awhile, we did online grocery shopping, which was splendid. Your grocery list saves every time, they deliver it right into the kitchen, and ours was only $5 for delivery, no tips accepted. I haven't done it lately though cause their web site was a bit glitchy at checkout, but I think I need to revisit.

The race car is indeed a lovely tool. When I push the cart and accidentally run into things I say, "Whoa boys! Watch where you are going!"

Other then the beauty of the shopping car, I amuse myself by saying things to my children like, "You don't want that pack of life savers. They are brocolli flavored."

This won't work for all kids, but to go through Target in peace, I hand over a thing of Silly Putty. It lives in my purse and only comes out at Target. It gives me about 45 minutes. I don't let her have it at home, because then I'd be pulling it out of my couch.

Sorry, I'm not on board that bus. I hate those blasted things. I always tell my kids they're broken. They're heavy and awkward to push and most of the time she ends up wanting out of it anyway and I'm stuck pushing a big fat empty bus. Or fire truck. Or whatever. It's easier for me to fudge it up a bit and say they're broken. Who knows, maybe they are. They might be when I'm done with them

I took CJ with me to Target last week. She literally stood up in the cart for the entire shopping expedition, during which I bought sippie cups and a gallon of milk. In the Target parking lot, I broke out the cups and the milk. I consider myself fortunate that she allowed me to wait that long.

Most indulgent mom ever, right here.

My hubby also mocks 'the bus'-- perhaps he thinks driving a 15 passenger van is enough 'bus' in his life-- however I grab those grocery buses every chance I get

Mary, mom to many

How do I occupy the 2 year old at the grocery store??? By leaving her at home with Daddy. Sad, but true: grocery shoppping longer than 10 minutes is unheard of these days so the trip to said store has become my "mommy's time out, alone!". Otherwise, i am a BIG fan of the bribe---popsicles, bananas, toys, whatever it takes!!!

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