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May 07, 2006


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This is good that people are able to get the loans moreover, this opens new possibilities.

30x happy birthday to you! I would SO join you in a Philly cheese steak if I could. My brother owns a house mere blocks from Pat's & Geno's... and he is a vegetarian. Oh the irony.

Happy 30th! May this year be an especially fantastic one for you - you are wonderful, and deserve it.

Hell yeah, I second MI flopping. Can you read my mind?

Happy Birthday, you firm young wench you!!! Oh, and you need a "what not to wear" makeover. You;d better start faking that Miss. style lady. I had the same conversation wit hubs this weeken--sked him to record me looking like a fashion-impaired skank who needs "sophistication" makeover. I NEED $2,000 PLUS TRIP TO MANHATTEN, DAMMIT.

Happy 30th Birthday Kristen! Wish we could be there to celebrate with you! (Or, wish YOU could be HERE! I know it's where you rather be...) Anyway, hope it was happy!

P.S. I'm getting into SatC now. Don't have the box set yet, but if I ever get it, we'll have to have a marathon! No husbands allowed, of course. ;)

P.P.S. Love the new look of the site! (Here and at CMP!)

OMG...Just my luck I'd decide to move into my new house on your birthday weekend and I'd MISS your big day COMPLETELY!!

I'm so sorry, girl, but I hope you had a FANTASTIC day anyway. (And muchas gracias por the book deal wishes!)

I'll ring you later...tonight??

Cheers to you, K. Sounds like 30 fabulous wishes to me - may they all be granted.

Happy Birthday!!!!

Hope every one on your list comes true, especially nine and ten.

Thanks for thinking of me, but really, don't waste your wishes on a redneck. That's what I have a therapist for...


those are great!!! I hope you get all or at least half of them!!!

Good ones! You can do it all! I'm with ya!

Happy birthday!

PS -
Giada looks like a pez dispenser. She's got nothing on you, Gorgeous.

Happy Birthday and many more.

Love the new look. Love it!

I'm double-wishing all of your wishes for you.

Even #25, even though from where I'm sitting, you've already got more of it than most people I know. But you can never have too much (which is also true of #24 and #30, and probably everything else, including Philly Cheese steak. Oh, and you, sweet lady, and your blog. Can't get enough.)

#5? I'm all over it. Will be in Philly in June. If I can figure out how to pack it, I'll send it. Pinky swear!

Happy B-day and I absolutely love the new look. It's GREAT!

Happy Birthday! Love your new look!

Hope you get everything on your list. And don't worry about Giada... she only looks sexy until her overly large head makes her topple over. (What? I know you've thought it!) And I can't imagine she's as young as 30.

Oh yeah and 30 kisses and 30 spankings too...

(Oooooh lala!)

Happy Birthday Kristen (a couple of hours late, though...) Hope you get all you asked for and more this year.

LOVE the new site. kudos to you and Izzy!

Happy Birthday my wonderful, beautiful, brilliant, rock & roll, creative, fab friend. You are awesome. I'm drinking a glass of wine and toasting to you. May this year be THE YEAR. You deserve all the goods, my dear. Love to you.

Hope you get everything on your list and more.

When I don't understand someone's accent, I just smile and nod. I'm sure that I look like a complete idiot.

Love your new look but now I crave chocolate even more.

The perfect balance of humor, sincerity, altruism, and hope. All excellent traits for a hot, happening 30 yo mama. Happy happy birthday dahlink. Let's start planning that Miraval trip at BlogHer.

Yeah! Happy Birthday! I hope to hook you up with a big fat bday present if we win the lotto.
Results will be out on Wednesday...:)

Happy Birthday! Love your blog.

Happy bday, youngster. :) Good luck on the list--and lemme know when you get that book deal and wanna share the wealth/connections--dadbloggers need the hookup too! ;)

Well, if you get no. 11, then you won't need no. 19. And if you get no. 11 in the D.C. area, I would so hang with you.
Happy Birthday, and I think no. 1 isn't too far off.

Happy Birthday, my friend. I hope you get your wishes! Love the new look.

May this year be the best ever!

Wow, new look! Cool!

The only one I could help you out with is #5. However, if you ever move to Ohio, I'd be happy to be one of your IRL friends!

Oh, and much luck towards #30. Hope you gave the small one to the huz and relaxed for awhile.

Happy Birthday babe! Here's to getting everything on your most reasonable list of requests, and then some.

(lovin' the new wrapper!)

Happy Birthday, Girlfriend!

What a great list. Hope you get all of it and thanks for wasting one on me :)

***I tried to comment last night but you had them turned off

Happy birthday, Kristen! Number eight is on me: I have a LaShish about a mile from my house. The service is terrible but the food rocks.

I hope you get everything on your list.

Happy Birthday!

Enjoy your milestone day, heres to the next 10 and may they be full of interesting adventures and much much mcuh laughter.

Um, HUGS. Three times now. Sigh.

You deserve them all!

(oh and Happy Happy Happy Happy Birthday!!!!) (((HUGGS)))

You deserve them all!

(oh and Happy Happy Happy Happy Birtday!!!!) (((HUGGS)))

Good luck with that. Doesn't seem like to much to ask, if we all pitch in.

Loving the new digs!

Happy happy birthday Kristen!!

Wishing you everything on your list and more.

you lost me a "knife to my asshole" the full body shudder shut off all brain function

Oh and I love the new design. Cool, chickie!

Happy Birthday!

I hope you get everything on your list! Hope it turns out to be a wonderful year for you...

There are LOTS of stuff on your list that are definitely on mine, but number 30 - I would give up an appendage for number 30!!!!

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