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April 22, 2006


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That's the kind of image that i really thing is super image like. If more images very real like this were out there we'd be super full of graet images in the world.

So funny- the EXACT same thing just happened to me this weekend. I was standing in a long line at the grocery store at peak dinner shopping hour. Good times. Here's a fun fact for you- if you pull out a credit card from the bottom of your purse that you cut up so you wouldn't use it anymore and hold it together and run it through the CC machine it will work! Thank god!

Hmm, sounds like someone was planning a shopping trip. ;-)

Someone's been keeping an eye on you! It's amazing to me the sorts of things children pick up on...

When I was pregnant my idiot brother would say we could determine the gender of our baby by hanging Daddy's VISA card in front of my belly.

Are you saying he was NOT wrong?

Wow. She IS 2 going on 16. I have a boy and the little caveman could care less about money. He'd rather have the gum or candy any day.

Been there, done that. I now check my wallet everytime I leave the house, and seven years has passed. Some lessons you just don't forget!

I learned an important lesson early. When something is missing, ask your two year, he or she will probably know where it is!

Remind me sometime to tell you the story of my mother's missing wedding ring...

Learned that one myself. Credit cards all over the grocery store parking lot.

Ah, yes. I like you learned that very valuable lesson the hard way. Look out, she is already coveting your credit cards...and your keys...and your "make-up"... You are in trouble!

Oh I have so been there when my son was about the same age. Only he stashed my cards in his little back pack that he brought to day care and also brought along a Tampon to show his teacher. They called me at home to tell me because they were laughing so hard at his enthusiasm to show it to his friends. Sigh.

LOL! That's hilarious. Quite often my kids will go into my purse if I leave it laying around, and I'll get into a store realizing I have no money. Once my two youngest children were playing store, and decided it would be more fun to play with mommy's real money instead of play money. I remember watching them play store - but somehow I didn't realize that it was my hard earned cash they were playing with until I got in the checkout at the grocery store the next day!


Ah yes...well, the corollary to that is, I think, "Don't allow your daughters to use your cooking spices to entertain themselves while you do laundry, because in 5 minutes flat, they are capable of emptying every single McCormick bottle in trying to make 'witch soup'" Which is so un-PC.

I love that you have a sense of humor about these things. It makes me feel like less of a nuthead.

This has happened to me several times except I have 2 boys. They just stash the cards and money wherever they can. I have a key story I need to tell on my blog.

That's hilarious!

Years ago, my bachelorette party was sent off-schedule when we couldn't get into a bar due to one of the ladies not having her ID. She had her purse, but her ID had been removed, thanks to her underage (3 year old) daughter.

that was PERFECT.

i love the lip balm touch. mina is currently OBSESSED with lip balm.

She's a girl after your own heart, isn't she? ;)

My daughter is 13 and her purse is still the place to go if stuff is missing. She is especially fond of swiping lip gloss.

LOL...whenever some little crappydoodle goes MIA, we look in TQ's purses, too. Very cute :)

ok so what I was trying to say is if ANYTHING , even a dog goes missing the first place we check is the girls purse/ backpack/ handbag collection - way to use words there Fidget... can you tell i'm rocking the cough suppressant with hydrocodone?

If ANYTHING and I mean ANYTHING, I swear even a dog... the first place we look is in the 10,000 purses my girls own. 98% it's in one of em!

ack - another thing to remember...!

Oh yeah, that, and when I'm in your neck of the woods, don't park an obnoxious car illegally. :D Well done with that one!

Oh! Hey! We have the same daughter!!! I keep telling her if the grand plan is to pickpocket me, she needs to start moving on to items of real value...

We're going to Tiffany's next week.

Jenny ~

Well, when you put it that way... :)

Actually, her cell phone was in MY purse SB... I guess she knew it wasn't real. LOL.

Could've been worse. She could have had an easter purse full of valium and tampons.

This is my first visit...
I laughed as this has happened to me sooooooooo many times. The little Vixens have 'borrowed' everything. I remember having a similar moment in the grocery store and I was trying to tell the checker the whole tale and she just looked at me and said..."are you going to pay or what?"
Not embarrassing at all really!

I am not laughing at you, I'm laughing at the future me, walking out of the post office muttering, "I should have listened to Kristen."

Hahaha.....my daughter likes to empty her daddy's wallet and will try to keep any cash she finds and hands me the credit cards. I have trained her well!!! I have missed my cards as well from time to time only to find them in her fully stocked Dora purse!!!

They grow up so fast!!!! :)

That has totally happened to me. More than once, I might add. I never learn!

That's beyond adorable.

And? You've clearly taught her well. Every girl needs a fully pimped-out Easter purse. 'Cause, what? She was supposed to rock it *empty*? C'mon.

That's too cute. And see, she likes lip balm too. LOL

Your daughter knows where it's at. It sounds like she still needs a cell phone.


That'll teach ya to lock people out of their cars. ;)

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