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April 03, 2006


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i don't remember what the private part of anything is like anymore!!

HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. I love poop-talk. Yes!

Plopping? Hell. I'm worried about the stray air LOL...

BUT, good idea. I'm trying that. In Japan, they have courtesy buttons - you push and it makes a flushing sound. I should have stolen one... PURE GENIUS.

My friend said they made them because so many women were actually flushing and wasting water.

Good for her!

Say, here's a secret for quieter public poops that I learned in college: lay a few strips of toilet paper over the surface of the water. Glorious, plop-free pooping. :)

LOL!!! My 19-month-old daughter hasn't started the potty training yet but it's nice to know what I have to look forward to. BTW, Long live the "Courtesy Flush"... That mid-dump handle pull masks sounds and carries away the source of odors before they have a chance to escape the bowl...

At the moment my daughter doesn't care when or where she poops, although the most common time is when she's napping. (Guess she's relaxed?)

As for myself, I prefer to never poop in a public restroom. I will hold it as long as possible. I require a private place that preferrably has some noise around it if there are people anywhere in earshot.

I sooooo flush and drop in public. Not only does it spare me the godawful plop echo but it spares those around me from nose hair lose

Boys must be different. Because he still wants me to be in the room. Which, stinks. Quite literally.

My Mimi wants to be with anyone who's in the potty, or to have us sit with her and hold her hand (if it's a tricky one) and talk. Man, the stories she will tell! I seriously hope she outgrows the need for a group poop. I for one miss the privacy and am more than willing to let her have hers.

How did you get her to do That? Mine is a month away from eight and she would like to hold a social hour in the bathroom. It doesn't matter if it is I who using the throne either - apparently it is all fair game. I'm kinda jealous!

I am so lucky, I can drop trou and poop anywhere, I am so not afraid of public restrooms. and if I think it might be loud? I cough or flush at the same time. tricky eh?

Ha! I'm the same way. If I have to go in public, I flush before it even hits the water. It works like a charm.

Love how well we get to know our children. My little one always crawls under the kitchen table and we are still a year away from potty training.

Secret to a quick and easy poop - water water and more water.

Man I wish my oldest would finaly do that. Hes 3 and a half and he only poops if he has company and a toys. And the worst thing is hes terrifide of the bathroom, so he takes his potty and poops whereever theres someont to keep him company.


my own take.

i TOTALLY look under the stalls...for people to FLIPPIN LEAVE!!!

and there is nothing worse than the eude of GLADE SCENTED SHIT. omg. esecially the 'fruity' kind. ackkkkk.

It really is FANTASTIC that talking about shit just never gets old once you become a mother, isn't it? How you can just never get enough of talking about your own baby's shit, and hearing about other babies' shit? If someone had told me, prior to the arrival of WonderBaby, just how interested I would be in all things shitty, I might never have gone through with the whole breeding thing.

But now, here I sit, silently applauding your shit milestone, Kristen, and marvelling at my own (the transition from benign breastfood poo to icky rice cereal crap) and anticipating the coming months that will bring ever greater shit milestones.

Motherhood rocks.

(FYI, as a public-poo-phobe myself, I regard your daughter's milestone as an especially significant one. Congrats!)

Spend three weeks camping in the wilds of Ontario and you will get over the pooping issues fast. I can go anywhere, anytime. And if I'm peeing? Forget it. I hardly remember to even shut the door.

I think I've said too much. I'll go now.

I'm with you, I will be doubled over w/poop pains before I go in public!

Ooh, you are going to be uncomfortable holding it all weekend at BlogHer :))

I could write a whole post on this myself, but I will try to keep my comments brief.

Tacy invites anyone within earshot to inspect the contents of the potty - both during AND after the act. She used to require a book, but we had to call a halt to that habit once she dropped Ellen Degeneres's latest book in the potty. Now she prefers to poop in the powder room where she can leave the door ajar and watch TV.

too funny! i just had to do the public thing yesterday. and yes, i too employee the multiple flush technique. obviously to hide the potential plop, but also i discovered, while living with 15 guys one summer, that when you flush right away it doesn't stink. i desperatly tried to get the guys to understand this. didn't work.

I lived in a house with 5 other people in university and using the Glade "Morning Rain" was a must. Now I can't smell that stuff without remembering my husband, then boyfriend, singing an original song he made up called "Taking a shit in the Morning Rain."

pumpkinpie doesn't require privacy - in fact she announces loudly (whether it is in fact #1 or #2): "I'm pooping!" and then often drops trou and starts to open the diaper. The other day she succeeded and a thankfully very solid one rolled out onto the kitchen floor. Thanks for THAT, little lady! when she was younger she fought the change too, but now she requests it. Not sure what happened there, but I like that.

Myself, I figure if I gotta go, I gotta go.

yes, conditions must be absolutely perfect for me to initiate a poop too. a good magazine, and the knowledge that no one else needs to use the can for a looong while. i am surprised you can even broach doing one in a public space. for me, the knowledge that someone *might* be coming in is enough to have my anal retentive side come out to the fore.

my son--over 3 yrs old. just dumps in front of anyone who will watch. (except not, god forbid, in a potty).

Thanks for the laugh. This post was so realistic that I just had to comment. I just wonder if we are harming our bodies by making them wait. It happens to me usually 15 minutes from home...talk about an uncomfortable ride.

My son NEVER did the private poop. He was happy to poop right in front of everyone, while he was eating, walking down the street, whatever. I was sure he would NEVER be potty trained but somehow at age 3, he decided to poop on the potty. Now he loves to give me a play by play: Poop is coming out Mommy!! My poop is coming! Look at my poop!

My daughter is not a private pooper but she wants the diaper off like NOW after she is done!

This is why I won't go camping at a site that doesn't have clean, well lit, bathrooms. The woods may be okay for the bears, but its not okay for me.

Too funny. She may poop in private but does she still come toddling down the hall and yell "Done!" all the while bending over and grabbing her ankles waiting for you, her servant, to do the obligatory wipe? Such memories are flooding back...

Private pooping? Doesn't exist around here. For anyone. Ever.

Hmmm, my daughter never did the private poop, but she hates when I ask to change her diaper. What's up with that anyway? Who wants to sit around in a big stinky mess all day anyway? Oh and Kristen, I linked to you in my post today. I am now a member of the club. You wrote about it a while back. I am THAT MOM!

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