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February 01, 2006


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Are you serious? I got here on a search for Hannah Andersson and am leaving quickly. If you don't like the shopping...purchase online. What a waste of a blog...

i am from south mississippi and after moving around the united states, decided to come home after the birth of my daughter. i feel very blessed to have the opportunity to raise her here. i have to say i take much offense to your rantings about this state. just remember EVERY state has "backwoods" places. and be careful.... you might find yourself somewhere much much worse.

I'm dying to know what part of MS you live in, because the only people I know from there are the country club/foxhunting/cotillion/dressage set. And I don't know them well, but I have had the pleasure of riding a cubbing hunt with the club that William Faulkner belonged to. (squeal) And many of the ladies who were at the same USDF Adult Dressage Camp I went to were from places like Olive Branch and Itta Beena and Yazoo City. You have to admit, they have the BEST town and county names there! One of my favorite dog shows is the Olive Branch Kennel Club show (which is held in Memphis, go figure), and we also sometimes show in Greenville and Jackson. I love the South, and the thing I guess I would cling to if I lived in MS would be the Center for Southern Culture. But that might not help if I were from Philly.

ANYWAY, for kids' clothes? www.naartjie.com. Seriously.

And I thought where I lived in Vermont was bad. The closest mall was 45 minutes away, but it was a real mall, with real stores and real clothes. Locally all we had was Walmart. And I do not ever, ever, ever shop at Walmart. I have had too many awful experiences there. I can't imagine what this transition is like for you. You must be shopping online? I do often, because I'm too lazy to drag my butt to the store. That and I'm always afraid to bring my kids. They are not good shoppers yet.

I loooooooveeeee oilily. LOVE IT. The closest I get to it is ebay. It's just not the same though - I like to be able to touch the clothes before purchasing. *sigh*

So I guess they don't have Oilily there? I love that store. If I had money to waste, I'd buy my daughter's clothes there. I love Lilly Pulizter, too.

I lived in Detroit for almost 3 years (that's where I went to grad school - well the Green/White one in E.L.) - but anyway, I know EXACTLY what you mean.

Oh shit... Mail order?? I'll keep myself on the blog instead of searching for kickass toddler duds. It's cheaper... :)

Oh Dear. I think I would die. I dressed Emily in ONLY Hannah Andersson clothes until she was 4 when I branched out to Gymboree. I have a sickness, I know. And when we go to NYC, there is this little boutique which carries the BEST clothes. And the shoes? The elefanten and the Hannah Clogs and the Merrills and the little Doc Martens...and the little birki sandals?

You know, Hannah has GREAT Mail order service and their clothes last forever. And your daughter would look stunning in the color line they just came out with... (go look!!)

But I do know of what you speak. My Detroit family is a little perplexed at how I dress the granddaughter. No one goes to Gymboree there. They refer to her clothes as the yuppie white people clothes.

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