Experts recommend that 1 to 2 lbs of weight loss per week is the safe and healthy weight loss. In order to lose one pound of fat from the body you will have to create deficit of 3500 calories. By making certain healthy lifestyle choices and including exercises in your daily routine you can burn 10,500 calories per week. If you have issues in dieting on your own, you can choose programs like Nutrisystem, Jenny Craig that would help you to lose weight through their effective diet plans.

Nutrisystem has been in the diet field for more than 45 years and have been helping people to lose weight safely and healthily. Likewise, Jenny Craig also has good recognition and it is associated with popular Nestle Nutrition. Nutrisytem does not ask you to sign up any contract to follow their program; whereas Jenny Craig asks you to sign a contract with them and state how long you want to follow their plans. Visit to know more about what these diet programs on store.

To lose 3 lbs per week, you will have to cut 25% of calories from your daily diet. This implies that if you are an active man of 30 years of age you will have to move from 2400 calories to 1800 calories and women of same age will have to transit to 1500 calories from 2000 calories per day. Therefore, men will be cutting about 600 calories and women about 500 calories per day. When you calculate if for 7 days you will have to multiply the reduction of calories by 7; that is men will be cutting about 4200 calories and women about 3500 calories. You can cut calories from your diet by substituting your daily foods with equivalent low calorie foods. For example, when you take mushrooms in place of meat, you can cut up to 300 calories from your diet.