Is This The Best Photography Drones: DJI phantom 4 Review


* It’s the best option for a fully featured drone. People who have already used one drone before will find maneuvering this drone pretty easy.

* The main feature of this drone is the inbuilt obstacle detection system. People who have bought this drone vouch for it. They have experimented with its collision system. Some reviewers say that no matter the speed at which drone is driven towards the obstacle it detects it and stops at the right time. Its sensors are of high quality.

* It also comes equipped with a great quality camera. You can shoot high definition videos with bright crisp colors with this equipment.

* Second best feature is the addition of slow motion video capturing.

* Slow motion helps you to see better details and appreciate colors and happenings in a much better way.

* You have to be careful though with the obstacles that might be there in the sides and backwards too.

* Since the obstacle detector is only for the front side.

* You still need a tablet and controller to maneuver your drone.

* It is expensive but for the features it provides its worth the price.

* Though while controlling the drone you may seem to be working frantically but the drone would be flying smoothly also it has the best altitude stability.

* As mentioned above this drone is expensive but you can find cheap price DJI phantom 4 | Review says during sales.

* Also if you want a cheaper option you can go for the DJI Phantom 3 drone. Reviewers have claimed it to be the BEST dji phantom 3 professional !

But if you are a beginner or cannot afford to invest in expensive drones such as the above drones, and are still looking for good quality drones then, akaso drones are your best option. Akaso drones are efficient, sturdy, strong, made of good material and at affordable prices. Akaso as different varieties of drones and quadcopters. There are also many toy versions. For the price they came for, they are a good deal. They are highly popular. People interested in drones and planning to participate in drone races opt for akaso drones. They are easy to function and the risk of loss is also minimized with less investment. Once they have mastered the process of flying a drone, they can invest in higher featured drones such as DJI Phantom and others.

One more easier way to access the features provided by expensive drones at least in terms of video and photography is to attach camera to a drone. There are many cameras that are specially launched to be used with drones. But you can use ones that you already have if they are lightweight. Anything below hundred grams is perfectly good to be used with drones. You can attach the camera to your drone in few easy steps. With the help of some styrofoam or other cushioning material, rubber bands to secure and some adhesive. Drones are becoming more and more popular. They are definitely the future of video capturing. They combine the precision of a binocular and swiftness of a camera shutter.