Camp Out With Survivalist Knife

Survivalist Knife

Hunting, trekking and camping is a passion for some. Travelling light is what everybody would prefer. Similar to water that gives you energy while camping or trekking; survival knife is the best tool that should not be missed while camping outdoors.

Starting for a long trek would get anyone excited and give energy to go a long way. You might have packed everything in your bag to enjoy the trek. Assume that in the middle of your trek, you miss trace of your friends and get lost in the jungle all alone. You are just left with a bag of few eatables and energy drink which won’t help you for a long while. Thank god if you have got your survivalist knife with you. At least, it could help you in doing multiple jobs. Wonder what a single survival knife could do? It can do lots during camping while you are left alone or among the group. Let’s look at how it could help you.

* To procure food: When you are out to camp in the woods, you might have to look in for something yourself to eat. The survival knife can help you out to procure your own food like small fish. If it is a jungle where you get fruits you can also use the knife to cut open a fruit with hard shell.

* To chop wood: The next thing you would think about is, lighting the fire. It can be for having your food and fish grilled or could make yourself comfortable in the chill weather at the jungle. You got lot of trees in the jungle but how to cut off wood to light up the fire? It would be good if you have an axe or machete. But, the survival knife could be the best machete in the world if you have one.

* To light fire: The woods are ready but how to light it? This is also possible with the same knife. It can help you to start a fire. Puzzled? Yes, it is possible if you have the ferro rod with you. Hold the kni

* fe in one hand and the rod in the other. Pull them back and forth till you see the sparks coming out.

* To set up your tent: Had the food for hunger, fire for warmth and what next? You need a tent for yourself to sleep in. You need not go and search for big tools to put up the tent. You have cut wood, now you have to use a digging tool to fix up the tent. zt 0350, could be your best digging tool.

* To mark a sign: If you are lost in the woods, you can also carve on the trees as a sign for help or to make sure you are not going round and round in circles.

So, do not forget to pack your bag with a survival knife. It comes in variety of styles and sizes. For example, spyderco paramilitary 2 camo comes with a thumb hole. The cost of these knives

also comes within one’s budget. You can also get the best survival knife for the money you spend.