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13 myths about dog beds

There are a lot of myths surrounding dog’s habits, training, food and even their beds. Let us debunk 13 myths about dog beds.

  1. Get a fleece bed for dogs that play with stuffed toys: Your dog won’t know the difference between its bed and toys and will destroy it.
  2. Always buy a dog bed based on the dog’s weight: Not true especially when you buy large breed dog beds because weight varies with breed.
  3. Buy a dog bed with a material that is different from the one your dog is used to: Your dog will not use it but will continue sleeping on the old one.
  4. The same bed can be used in winter and summer: Your pet will be very uncomfortable and the bed will stink in summers and will not be warm enough for cold winters.
  5. Manufacturer size is universal: There are no standard sizes; so large need not be large enough for your dog. Always measure your pet.
  6. Dog bed need not be expensive: Good quality material that is durable is expensive.
  7. Since dogs don’t need bath regularly their beds need not be washed regularly: They sweat and their beds and blankets must be washed once a week at least.
  8. All dog beds are made of the same material: Cotton, foam, cedar chips are commonly used. Each has its own disadvantage and advantage.
  9. All beds are same shaped: There are several shaped suited to benefit a dog’s sleeping habits.
  10. All breeds can use the same type of bed: Once again sleeping habits determine which bed is the best for your pet.
  11. Your pets can share the same bed: Each pet deserves its personal space.
  12. Where you place the dog bed doesn’t matter: The place must be quiet and based on how draughty or hot it is you must buy a suitable bed.
  13. Your bed is your dog’s bed: While it is ok to cuddle and sleep with your dog in the same bed occasionally, it is not a good practice on a daily basis.
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Spoil your dog day: items your furry friend will adore

The National Spoil your dog day is just another excuse for the dog owners to spoil their dogs. The truth however is that pet owners do not really need such a day to actually pamper and spoil their pets because every day is “spoil your pet” day for the pet lovers. If you are however planning to make the day special for your pet there are several things you could get for your dog rather than the usual options like toys. Here are some ideas:

Plan a pet vacation

After all dogs love vacation too. Most dogs love travelling. So, you could plan a short vacation with short trips on the road so that your dog doesn’t get tired. There are luxury dog hotels these days that allow some great day out packages for the dogs.

Buy him a luxury bed

Why settle for a normal pet bed when you can buy some absolutely stunning ones. Premium dog beds come in all shapes and sizes. Dog Bed Reviews would give you an idea about the products you shortlist and make it easy for you to choose the best one.

Dog spa

Dogs do get stressed sometimes. A spa can help humans wind down after a stressful week and a similar effect can be achieved with a dog spa as well. These would be more than just grooming. Dog spas are in fact the most popular choices of dog owners who are looking to spoil their pets and make them feel special. There are also dog massage sessions that you could schedule.

Family time

After all, the best thing that any dog would love would be some quality time with its family. So, even a small picnic with your dog in your backyard with some outdoor fun sessions and obstacle courses would make a great choice for the spoil your dog day.…

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