A Miraculous Object – Binoculars


Ever wondered about the binoculars? Such an amazing invention of mankind! You get to see objects very close, with all finer details, without you having to travel all the way up! Thanks to the scientific expansions! You get to see the stars, watch your fav bird, animal just as close as you would want to be!

Well, binoculars are of different types. They are well crafted to meet each person’s requirement and interest. For one, it might be required to view the night sky and spot some stars and planets, for other that might never be appealing. He might be a birdie.

Yes, binoculars are specially designed to meet specific requirements. For all those Birdies, we shall give you an insight in choosing the binoculars for Bird Watching!

Bird watching is pretty difficult than wildlife. Ask us why, cos bird flies away just in a moment, and you never know why and when! So, you must be very careful and choose the right instrument to spot the bird and collect the details. In birding too, if you are just a beginner you have one set of binoculars to choose from, if you are trying your hand at being professional, then you may need higher ones. Let’s see how to choose Binoculars for birding!

Never grab big ones: yes, don’t be pulled by the notion that big is the Best! No, the bigger the model, bad is your Field of View (FOV). This FOV is what your eyes can see. So, bigger the magnification, higher is the image, lesser the FOV. So try buying one with the basic magnifying lens, like of 7 or 8x. This also has an advantage of giving you a wider image.

Focusing Speed: birds fly away within an instant! The object should be able to focus really fast and speed. The binocular you chose should be able to adjust the focus over to the object at a faster pace; otherwise chances are that you would miss the bird.

Fog and Waterproof: you might want to capture a bird that is on waters. Or even catch the glimpse of bird that comes early in the winter morning! In such situations, you must look out for binoculars with Water and fog proof. This will ensure that, you continue to pursue your interest without any worries of damaging your investment piece.

Weight & Size: for birdies this is more concerning parameter. You can’t carry heavier ones all over the trek, or through that forest or simply when you are out all day long. You might need to watch for the weight and opt for light weight ones.

Well, with the list of parameters given, let’s see some Best rated Binoculars overall!

From reviews across the globe, from all users, these brands below are rated to be the best binoculars.

* Zeiss

* Zhumell

* Bushnell

* Nikon

* Steiner

But, we need them to be affordable too. So, here we present best budget binoculars for Birding, for those who don’t want to empty their pockets to pursue their passion.

* Hawke Endurance ED 8x 42

* Opticron Discovery WP PC 8 x 32

* Celestron Trailseeker 8 x 42

These are the best ones in terms of quality and price too. You may notice that the best ones have the low magnifying numbers.

Let’s see the Best Hunting Binoculars too!

* Snypex Knight D-ED Binocular 8 x 42

* Eschenbach Trophy D 8 x 42 ED binocular

* Opticron DBA VHD 10 x 42 binocular

You may observe that these hunting ones too are not having higher magnification numbers.

We hope with so much of information, you wouldn’t go wrong in choosing the Best one for you! Go ahead, put your worries away and grab a binocular and pursue your passion!