Choosing the B-B-Q Grills


There are numerous ways the outdoor grills are being categorized across the world. But the important type of categorization of B-B-Q grills is based on the type of fuels being used to cook food. The major classification of grills is based on whether they are

* Charcoal grills

* Gas Grills

* Electric Grills

* Portable Grills

Choosing the type of grill that is best for you is what is going to be discussed here. One needs to understand the advantages and disadvantages of these grills to choose from them.

Charcoal Grills

In these types of grills, the fuel used is the charcoal. It takes more time to cook in charcoal and charcoal is quite expensive than other types of fuels. But most of the people prefer cooking the food in this type of grill as the taste is natural due to slow cooking.

Advantages: If you are purist and like the smoky, grilled flavor of the food, then charcoal grills are the only choice of getting that taste. Charcoal produces high temperature than other types of grills and so it is good for searing meat.

Disadvantages: It is a costly affair to buy charcoal and also it consumes more time for cooking in this type of grill. Also, the time spent to make the grill ready and for pre-heating takes at the least 45 minutes of the time.

Selection: Kettle Style grills provide a smoky flavor and horizontal barrels are used for smoking meats for a longer period at lower temperatures.

Gas Grills

For Backyard, Gas grills are the popular type of grills. They are fuelled by propane or natural gas. Though the common type is propane, there are ways to convert it to best natural gas grills. Natural gas grills are more convenient and less expensive compared to propane grills.

Advantages: Prepares the food quickly than any other type of grills.

Disadvantages: It does not give the flavor as the charcoal grill gives. Though there are many cheap gas grills found in the market, a good gas grill is always expensive than the charcoal model.

Selection: The black, aluminum bodies with one or two burners are the cheap ones and there are lots of Char broil gas grills available at cheaper rates and last long with proper maintenance. Higher end models have porcelain covered steel bars, stainless steel sheets, Iron grates or stainless steel bars.

Electric Grills

These grills do not need fire to cook and are powered by electricity to cook food. There are indoor and outdoor electric grill available in electric grills.

Advantages: Electric grills are boon for those in the city where other type of grills are prohibited by fire regulations.

Disadvantages: The taste can never be equal to the traditional type of charcoal grills. When using electricity, one can never expect the smoky flavor produced by the charcoal cousins.

Selection: This is a type of grill available in a wide variety. Select a grill according to the space constraint.

Portable Grills

These grills can either run in propane or in charcoal.

Advantages: Easy transportation. Hence, it can be carried easily for outdoor picnic.

Disadvantages: As the size is small, cooking big chunks of food is next to impossible.

Selection: As it is portable, the grill is usually lightweight. But it should also be durable.