13 myths about dog beds

There are a lot of myths surrounding dog’s habits, training, food and even their beds. Let us debunk 13 myths about dog beds.

  1. Get a fleece bed for dogs that play with stuffed toys: Your dog won’t know the difference between its bed and toys and will destroy it.
  2. Always buy a dog bed based on the dog’s weight: Not true especially when you buy large breed dog beds because weight varies with breed.
  3. Buy a dog bed with a material that is different from the one your dog is used to: Your dog will not use it but will continue sleeping on the old one.
  4. The same bed can be used in winter and summer: Your pet will be very uncomfortable and the bed will stink in summers and will not be warm enough for cold winters.
  5. Manufacturer size is universal: There are no standard sizes; so large need not be large enough for your dog. Always measure your pet.
  6. Dog bed need not be expensive: Good quality material that is durable is expensive.
  7. Since dogs don’t need bath regularly their beds need not be washed regularly: They sweat and their beds and blankets must be washed once a week at least.
  8. All dog beds are made of the same material: Cotton, foam, cedar chips are commonly used. Each has its own disadvantage and advantage.
  9. All beds are same shaped: There are several shaped suited to benefit a dog’s sleeping habits.
  10. All breeds can use the same type of bed: Once again sleeping habits determine which bed is the best for your pet.
  11. Your pets can share the same bed: Each pet deserves its personal space.
  12. Where you place the dog bed doesn’t matter: The place must be quiet and based on how draughty or hot it is you must buy a suitable bed.
  13. Your bed is your dog’s bed: While it is ok to cuddle and sleep with your dog in the same bed occasionally, it is not a good practice on a daily basis.
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How To Buy A Sewing Machine On A Tight Budget

When buying a sewing machine, people often have one question that they are never sure how much they will actually sew on it. If you are an expert in sewing you probably know what to look out for, but beginners need not spend a huge sum of money as they first need to get their hand over the basics.

Buying a sewing machine need not be synonymous with a great expense; you can get the best sewing machine in India even on a tight budget. The key is to follow the following tips that will come handy.

Buy inexpensive but not poor quality

When shopping on a budget, you can set the amount you can afford and look out for the best sewing machine available in that budget. This does not mean looking out for better looks, but better quality and more features. One needs to take care; else a poor quality cheap sewing machine will keep breaking down and ending up with more repairs and part replacement expenses.

Make sure you buy from a dealership

No doubt the big chain stores are big and have many things under one roof, but sewing machines may not be their fastest moving item, for which the sales rep may not even be well versed with the options and features of the sewing machines they have.

When you buy directly from a dealership you get good assistance, the people will be able to guide you better and chances of getting a warranty on the sewing machine are higher.

Try the machine

Expensive and high-quality sewing machines will obviously work well, but when buying an affordable sewing machine it is best to try it out. You need to make sure if the parts are rickety or the machine makes noise as it works.

You can also take along samples of the fabrics you expect to work on and check how the budget sewing machine works with them.

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Whether you are buying a home, a new car or even if you are looking at redoing the lighting of your home, impulse as tempting as it may seem is best avoided. Homework and background research for each and everything must always be done.

When it comes to buying lighting systems for your home whether it is to light up a dark space or a complete makeover, there are several points one must bear in mind. Let us see some of them.

Tips while buying lighting for house

Decide if you want to buy lights for decoration or practical use: There are some lights that look better than the light. And many lights serve the main purpose without looking too great. Choose the right lights for the light area depending on how much light that area needs.

Remember the theme of your home before you buy

If your home has a cozy relaxed theme, you might want to avoid buying that huge chandelier or an ultra modern looking light. It might stick out like a sore thumb. Imagine how the lights will appear in your house and choose accordingly.

Do enough research

Prices for same or similar lights may vary from one place to another. It is best to cross check the prices for lights online as well as in regular stores before you buy. It is best to visit places like Modern Place that has the best variations at affordable prices. Such places you can be sure of not getting ripped off.

Don’t forget quality

While looking out for the cheapest lights in the category you choose, never ever compromise on the quality of lights you buy. Trying to save some money by buying cheaper lights might end up being more expensive with continuous breakdowns or short life.

Do one room at a time

Even if it means visiting the same site or store multiple times it is best to do the lights of one room at a time. As this will help you devote 100% of your attention on each room rather than have a cluttered mess.


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Shopping For Sex Toys

Why do you shop? It can be done for need, fun, and pleasure. What are the criteria you normally follow while selecting your items?  We know; quality, brand, and budget. This is about shopping the regular household and personal care products. What about the adult thing? Yes, we are talking about sex toys here. Is it just about the item type? Have you thought about safety? Or authenticity? There are much more to take care while you buy one.

It may be a toy, but it matters to your health


Many of you might be thinking that, why should we get too much concerned about buying a sex toy. It is just a device to satisfy your adrenaline rush and improve your intimate pleasure. It is not.

Many sex toys have been found to have significant health impacts on the user’s body. Take the case of a vibrator, for instance, the vibrating motion improves the blood flow in the tissues around the place of application. This helps to maintain the vascular elasticity, tissue flexibility and the blood vessels become more efficient in contraction and relaxation. Many vaginal irregularities can be managed through this, along with regaining your sexual health.

If you take any other example also, these toys are used in intimate contact with your sensitive internal organs and come into contact with the body fluids and secretions. This makes it mandatory to check the genuineness, quality of the manufacturing material and sanitizing procedures before purchasing the product.

There are various online stores selling the same products. So instead of randomly going for a toy of your eye-pleasing sense, go through the most rated sites, read the reviews, usage instructions and the feedbacks.

Remember, you are using this toy on a machine, but your own body. if it fails, you cannot exchange nor can you replace it. Have a healthy pleasure!…

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