There are a lot of myths surrounding dog’s habits, training, food and even their beds. Let us debunk 13 myths about dog beds.

  1. Get a fleece bed for dogs that play with stuffed toys: Your dog won’t know the difference between its bed and toys and will destroy it.
  2. Always buy a dog bed based on the dog’s weight: Not true especially when you buy large breed dog beds because weight varies with breed.
  3. Buy a dog bed with a material that is different from the one your dog is used to: Your dog will not use it but will continue sleeping on the old one.
  4. The same bed can be used in winter and summer: Your pet will be very uncomfortable and the bed will stink in summers and will not be warm enough for cold winters.
  5. Manufacturer size is universal: There are no standard sizes; so large need not be large enough for your dog. Always measure your pet.
  6. Dog bed need not be expensive: Good quality material that is durable is expensive.
  7. Since dogs don’t need bath regularly their beds need not be washed regularly: They sweat and their beds and blankets must be washed once a week at least.
  8. All dog beds are made of the same material: Cotton, foam, cedar chips are commonly used. Each has its own disadvantage and advantage.
  9. All beds are same shaped: There are several shaped suited to benefit a dog’s sleeping habits.
  10. All breeds can use the same type of bed: Once again sleeping habits determine which bed is the best for your pet.
  11. Your pets can share the same bed: Each pet deserves its personal space.
  12. Where you place the dog bed doesn’t matter: The place must be quiet and based on how draughty or hot it is you must buy a suitable bed.
  13. Your bed is your dog’s bed: While it is ok to cuddle and sleep with your dog in the same bed occasionally, it is not a good practice on a daily basis.